Prayer Requests

We would consider it an honor to pray for whatever it is that you need.  Just send it in here and we'll put it into our "onsite" prayer book as well. 

I am finally having my neck surgery soon. I am not only asking for a smooth surgery and recovery but also for financial stability. My unemployment is running out and I will need a month minimum to recover before finding a job. I have no savings. Please pray for God's grace and mercy and favor to see me through.


Shelbyville, IN

Dear Lord, I come to you and ask you to give me strength and wisdom and to realize You've got this.  I'm worried, though I know I needn't be, because You DO have this!!!   I'm scared of what the future might bring.  I say all this and ask it in Jesus name.  AMEN!!!


Shelbyville, IN

I am so blessed to be part of the family Echo has made. I'm no longer employed, it's hard to admit I was (over my head) on what was expected of me. Knowing I did my absolute best. Spiritually , I'm dealing with it ok. Thank you for all your support, love and hugs. It makes such a huge difference knowing how much we do care for each other. I have no doubt I will find a new job soon. Love you and Thank You for all your prayers.


Shelbyville, IN

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