Food Schedule

Thanks so much to these fine, attractive people, we get to eat fine cuisine on Fridays.  If you are interested in being on the list, please send us an email and it'll happen!!!!  

Group 1 - 

Caroline K, Andy B, Nikki & Ryan S, Nancy W, Melissa S, Dawn A, Troy D

Group 2 -  

Joel, Stephanie & Jeremiah D, Jane M, Linda S, Janell C, Shelly W, Kent & RhondaM, 

Chastity L, Joseph N.

Group 3  -  

Mark & Jill S, Gail N, Tina E, Melissa L, Byron A, Emily L, Jack C, Lori T.     

Group 4  -  

Lora, John & Jonathon N, Holly & Stuart T, Debby R, Angela H, Richard R, Tim W.

Group 5  -  

Thurman A, "Little C"


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